Ode to the Tour de France
44.5″ Wide by 30″ High

Orange is my least favorite color. While
watching the Tour de France the Helicopter
views  of the orange tile roofs in several
French Towns inspired me to use my 
Orange Hand Dyes. I love creating reflections
so a pond with Swans complete this 
composition of an old Mill House.
Created by R. Leslie Forbes 


24″ wide x 36″ high

Siesta, that time in an Italian village when all is still. Created in Cotton, Velvet, Silk and Cheese Cloth all hand dyed by the Artist. Organza over Silk enhances the water reflections.

West Coast Moment
99″ wide x 30″ high

 Created in Wool, Silk, Organza and a variety of Cottons from a Black 
Line Drawing by Glass Artist John Nutter. Haisia Artist Lyle
Wilson drew the Haisia Moon (2018) A study in Worship
of our West Coast Environment

Quail Convention

Quail Convention
47 1/2″ x 26″

Inspired by the art of John Salsnek and dedicated to his memory.
Created with my dyed and painted fabrics, organza, threads, and
Tsukineko Inks. Quails and Apples, two delights of the South Okanagan.

Spring Cactus

Blooming Cactus
23″wide x 16″ high

Our first spring in Osoyoos B.C. was excited when our Cactus popped out in brilliant pink flowers. I quickly dyed silk and cotton to capture theses stunning flowers. Sadly they are short lived.

 Autumn Vineyard
26″ x 42″

My photograph taken in a vineyard in Osoyoos B.C.
was the inspiration for this Piece.
Executed in dyed cottons and silks I tried to
capture the unusual colours of the vines in October.

Spotted Lake

Spotted Lake
Osoyoos B.C.
42″ x 46″

Spotted Lake is one of the Okanagans most unique natural wonders.
Deposits of minerals create the unusual spotted effect.
I Shibori dyed silk for the lake, mountains are dry felted
in wool and silk while cotton ribbons, textured wool, and 
threads add interest to the foreground. 

Prairie Sentinels
42″ x 23 1/2″

The Majestic Grain Elevators, a feature of many prairie towns are fast
disappearing from our Canadian Landscape.
With Canada’s 150th Birthday in 2017 I was inspired
to Honour the Saskatchewan artist George Jenkins (1913-2003)
who devoted his many paintings depicting prairie scenes.
Machine Pieced, Appliqued and Quilted, Dyed Cottons, Cheesecloth, Wool,
Angelina Fibres, Dye-Na-Flow paint for the sky, Tsukineko inks.


Sunrise Meditation
41 1/2″ x 57″

Based on a photograph taken by James Comozzi
of a 5 am Sunrise in Montana U.S.A.
Dyed Fabrics, African Batikes, Tsukineko Ink
highlights, Machine Quilted.

Forbes-Leslie-Mill House St. George NB

Mill House St. George NB
41 1/2″ x  48″

St. George N.B. Canada
Mixed Media, Reverse Applique, Commercial Cottons and
Hand Dyed Fabrics, Machine Quilted

Dancing Cranes

Crane Magic
38″ x 46″

Created from a photograph taken by Terry Forbes
in Port Douglas Australia
Painted and commercial fabrics, mixed media Machine Quilted


Celebrate with Flowers  
37 1/2″ x 42″

Hellebores in my Spring Garden West Vancouver B.C. Canada
Mixed Media, Hand dyed and Hand painted Fabrics
 Wool Felting, Tsukineko Inks,
Hand and Machine Quilted


Natures Floating Sculpture  
51″ x 36″

Woven Sky, Multi layered water,
Hand painted and Dyed Fabrics, Tsukineko Ink and
Shiva  Stick Painted, Organza Elements,
Silk Fabrics, Machine Quilted


Into The Peaceful Light  
34″ x 66″

Inspiration from Westminister Abbey, Mission B.C. Canada
Commercial and Hand dyed Fabrics, Organza,
Embellisment with Crystals, Machine Quilted

I come to the Garden Alone

I Come To The Garden Alone
42″ x 72″

This is a window shape from a Baptist Church in New Castle Creek NB Canada.
The old windows were not stained glass and this is my design based on this
song which was a favourite of my Grandparents who attended this Church.
Painted and dyed fabrics by Jack Bishop


Pond Life  
36 1/2″ x 52″

Whole cloth Icedyed Background, Dyed Silk and
Cotton Fabrics, Embellishments of beads, special
fibres, Confetti Created Fabric for Background trees,
Tsukinkeko Ink highlights , Machine Quilted


Zealous Zinnias  
43″ x 36″

Ice dyed silks and cottons, 3D leaves,
Thread painted flower centers, Machine Quilted


Clematis Dance  
35″ x 39″ 

Silk velvet dyed petals, dyed cottons, organza,
3D Leaves and petals, Beading, Tsukineko Inks,
Photo of Clematis climbing a Lamp on our
Courtyard wall inspired this quilt, West Vancouver B.C.
Machine Quilted

IMG_0379 (1)

Memories of Scotland  
25″ x 39″

Needle Punched Silk Roving, dyed cotton velvet
fabric, French knots. Seeing old abandon
cottages in Scotland inspired this piece. 

Grampian Mtns Scotland

Grampian Mountains Scotland
22 1/2″ x 26″

This piece was created with Wool Roving. Needle punched technique.
Details added with threads.


After the Rain  
19″ x 25″

Created for the “Together” Show in La Connor Washington.
based on a painting by Barbara Boldt
A scene from  our backyard stream,
Hand dyed and hand painted fabrics, organza,
Beading, Machine and hand Quilted. 


On A Winters Day
32″ x 38″

Created in dyed cotton, velvets, organza.
Snow created by Leslie, Tsukineko inks.
Machine Quilted in a variety of threads

Memories of Murano

“Loving Murano Italy”  31″ x 40″

A quiet morning in Murano.
Dyed cotton velvets, cottons, cheese cloth, organza,
Painted sky and water, 3D shutters, Machine applique,
 Machine Quilted.


Glorious Tulips  24″ x 46″

An April trip to Kukenhoff Gardens in Amsterdam inspired this piece.
Ice dyed whole cloth background, dyed silks for tulips, dyed cottons
for leaves. Needle turned hand applique, thread sketched by Machine.
Tsukineko inks, Beading. My first piece from white cloth to
quilt dyed by Leslie, no commercial fabrics.

AutumnAbstract#2 - Copy (2)

Autumn Abstraction 2
31″ x 47″

Commercial specialty fabrics, hand dyed and
hand painted fabrics Machine pieced and quilted.

Abstract Cherry Blossoms

Floating Blossoms  26″ x 44″

Created for the Cherry Blossom Festival in West Vancouver B.C.
Ice dyed whole silk background, organza, beading, 3D abstract petals
Machine Quilted

Butterflies in the Wind

Butterflies on the Wind  18″ x 36″

Created for the F.A.N. Show “On The Wind Travelling Show”
A three layered piece, background dyed silk with 3D flowers  of
dyed cottons, heavily beaded centers. Middle layer organza with
siloueted flowers and leaves. Top layer netting with butterflies of
dark suade, their bodies created with Angelina Fibres

Forbes-Leslie-Friendly Beacon

Friendly Beacon 31″ x 45″

This is the most photgraphed Lighthouse on the East Coast
situated on Campobello Island. Mixed media with hand dyed
and painted fabrics, woven sky, shells, wool, reverse applique,
Machine Quilted

Muskoka Morning

Muskoka Morning – Lake Rosseau, Ont. Canada  34″x 46″

Ice dyed cotton and silk for background, immersion dyed cotton for the Muskoka Chairs. Created after a family reunion on this lovely Lake.

 Green’s Point Lighthouse N.B. Canada  18″ x 32″

Created for the F.A.N. Show “Canadiana”
Needle Felted background of Wool and Silk Roving.
Lighthouse constructed board by board (flip and sew method)
Hand Machined Appliqued


Three x Three  
35″ x 39″

Background panels created with commercial fabrics. one of which was overdyed.
This layer was machine quilted with Highlight Threads by Superior then embellished
with crystals. Upper level of black netting has skeleton leaves and anchored with
beadng at the bottom edge


37 1/2″ x 42″

Created from a Photograph taken in the Anokhi Museum
of Hand Block Printing, Jaipur India. 100% cotton and dyed
Fabrics, Hand Beading. Machine Quilted


I was in Venice Italy in 2002 and took many photos of the spectacular
tile and marble floors. Barbara Fraser helped me to draft these designs
upon my return. Many of the fabrics I used were created by
Jack Bishop as I wanted to be as true as possible to the original
and I was not dying and painting fabric at this time.
Shortly after I finished these three quilts the book “Bella, Bella Quilts”
was published so I did not continue my series of quilts.
These three are all from the “Basilica di San Marco” in Venice Italy.


“The Porta di San Pietro”
Size 47 1/2″ x 47 1/2″

Reverse applique, satin stitched grout lines.
Hand machined applique.


Commbination of designs from the South
Transept and the Presbytery
Size 48 1/2″ x 48 1/2″

Machine and hand applique. Machine quilted.

Design from the North

Design from the North Transept
Size 53 1/2″ x 53 1/2″

All fabrics dyed and painted to achieve
the colours of these marbles. One green was
bleached. Machine and hand applique.
Machine and Hand Quilted.

Floor Mosaic 4

Floor Mosaic #4 (Venice)
40″ x 40″

Medallion and Border from the San Niccolo di Tolentini Church.
Drafted and created from personal photos. Hand Dyed and Hand
painted fabric by Jack Bishop. Machine Quilted with many metallic threads.

Homage to Master Jack a Celebration of Colour

Homage to Master Jack
A Celebratrion of Colour
53″ x 53″

All Fabrics for this Log Cabin with a Twist dyed by Jack Bishop


65″ x 70″

Exploring a triangular log cabin block with
sequenced fabric dyed by Jack Bishop

Pineapple Reduced

In Sync
54″ x 73″

Exploring the Montana Cartwheel Block in an original setting.

Power of Three

Woven Fantasy – Power of Three
55 1/2″ x 43″

An original design using a curved weaving technique.
The woven cotton fabric is overlayed with a tucked organza.

Star Light Star Bright

Star Light – Star Bright
59″ x 68″

A study using Batiks combining Montana Cartwheel Block and Stars.
Machine Quilted

Autumn Extraction 1

Autumn Extraction 1
58″ x 70″

This is an exploration of colour movement on the diagonal using commercial fabrics.
Each square is created with a flip and sew method and joined with bias cut fabric.

Dragon Fly

Dragon Fly
27″ x 27″

Dragon Fly wings created with iridescent painted fabric by Jack Bishop.
Flower center is beaded and the eyes are raised with padded sequins.